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ESNA Round 7-8 Game Analysis

December 05, 2021 by Robert Novak, game analysis by IM Imre Fancsy

Thursday and Friday rounds 7 and 8 of the ESNA tournament were held. The games are being played at the Victoria Palace Hotel in Sliema. 


In the seventh round Malta beat Guernsey’s 3-1, Jake and Clarence drew, Duncan and Colin won their games. Cyprus continued their great performance and played 2-2 against Monaco.


In the eighth round, Cyprus made a wonderful draw against the undeafeted Faroe Islands. Malta vs Luxemburg game finished with the victory of the stronger team 1-3.


You can check the game analysis below.


Further results can be found here.

Round 1-8 games can be downloaded here.

Today will be the last round and Malta will play with Jersey at 3 PM

Round 7 IM Berend, Fred 2325 – Frick, Renato 1944 1-0
Round 8 FM Porras Mateo, Felipe 2326 – GM Efimov, Igor 2386 1 – 0

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