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Back to the board at the Italian Serie A2

September 21, 2021 by Colin Pace

Few weeks ago I got a call from the Sicilian club “Amici della Scacchiera” from Erice, inviting me to yet again play, on board one, for their club’s top team which plays in the Italian Serie A2 (third top team league). This came after one full year of no over-the-board chess activity, with only playing the Malta Championship Finals in 2020.  


On one hand I was grateful that the club was again trusting me with its only spot for a non-local player (in Serie A2 an Italian club can only play one non Italian player). On the other hand I felt the responsibility, especially since I was inactive for so long.  My urge to return to playing over-the-board chess made me accept, making this my sixth year in playing for the club, where in the first year I also experienced and contributed to have the club get promoted for the first time to the Serie A. 


On a personal level I performed quite well, obtaining two wins, two draws and one loss, with an overall performance of 2159. I am very happy with these results especially after such a long inactive period. The story from a team perspective was on the other hand negative. We started with three team losses, but then made a great reaction and ended the event with two good wins. Unfortunately this was not enough to avoid relegation back to Serie B after 4 years in Serie A2. Next year the club will have time for a comeback and hopefully I will be invited to be part of it. 


I would like to share one of the wins which I obtained against a FIDE Master from a club from Palermo, including some notes about the situations that came up in the game and some variations.  

Pace CM 2137 – Genovese FM 2200

Friendly online tournament (Lichess)

December 26, 2020

An online friendly tournament will be held on Saturday 26th Dec at 5pm. This tournament is being organized mainly for newcomers and those whose rating is less than 1300. Take this opportunity to meet fellow Maltese players online. To join, Go to and create an account if you don’t already have one. Once set, Join the Malta Chess Federation Team by clicking here You will then be able to join the tournament by clicking here The Password to join is “Newcomers”.


The server will automatically start assigning games at 5pm on Saturday. The games time limit is 3 mins. Every move played will give you another 2 seconds. The tournament is 90 mins long and all participants will play for 90 mins irrelevant whether they win or lose. Hope to see all newcomers online.

Pace CM 2137 – Genovese FM 2200