Malta Chess Federation

Blitz and Rapid Online Grand Prix.

January – May

Time limits: Blitz: 3+2 (3 mins + 2sec each move); Rapid: 5+5 (5 mins + 5sec each move).

Blitz Grand Prix event dates:

On Saturdays at 5pm on 16th Jan, 13th Feb, 13th Mar, 10th Apr, 15th May

Rapid Grand Prix event dates:

On Saturdays at 5pm on 30th Jan, 27th Feb, 27th Mar, 24th Apr, 29th May

Participation is free to MCF members only. Open to all irrespective of age, sex or level. To apply send an email to


Online tournament will be held on Tornelo.

Blitz tournaments will have a maximum of 9 rounds. Starting time of each round are at 5:00pm; 5:10pm; 5:20pm; 5:30pm; 5:40pm; 5:50pm; 6:00pm; 6:10pm; 6:20pm.

Rapid tournaments will have a maximum of 6 rounds at 5:00pm; 5:20pm; 5:40pm; 6:00pm; 6:20pm; 6:40pm.

Players who will apply to participate will be sent a link to the tournament by email.

The lobby will open latest 4:45pm. Players need to connect and Join the Lobby. Once you join the lobby, click on <I’m here and ready to play>. By clicking this, the arbiter will know that you are present. Preferred browser is Chrome.

Players shall join through Tornelo’s video conference. It is not compulsory to switch on video although you can do so. The arbiter will communicate through this medium so it’s best to join and listen to any instructions given. The arbiter will also use the chat of this conference to communicate with participants. 

Keep your microphone on mute unless you need to talk.

A player can pause the clocks of a game (as can be done in a normal game) only to talk to the arbiter.

It must be a valid reason (eg. You are claiming a 3-fold repetition). If the clocks are paused without a

valid reason, your opponent will be awarded additional time (+1 min in blitz; +2 mins in rapid) the first time, or a win the second time, in accordance with FIDE Laws of Chess.

Games will start at the assigned time unless there is a game still going on. In such case the next round will start one minute after the last game finishes.

Fair play:

Following each tournament, the Tornelo site offers analysis of every game played and a report is issued for each participant. A detailed explanation can be found here: After the tournament, the report will be analysed accordingly. We shall be using Tornelo’s fair play policy as described here:


Grand Prix Points:

In each tournament a player gets points if they finish in the top 6 positions as follows:

1st place: 10pts; 2nd place: 8pts; 3rd place: 6pts; 4th place: 4pts; 5th place: 2pts; 6th place: 1pt

The overall winner of each tournament is the player who gets most points in all legs from Jan to May.