Malta Chess Federation

Benefits of being an MCF member

  • FIDE Player License for players registered under the Maltese flag, allowing one to play in FIDE rated tournaments anywhere in the world.

  • Discounts on any events (workshops, courses, etc.) organized by the MCF. As from 2023, also includes complimentary entry in the national championship cycle for qualifying players.

  • Registration with FIDE under the Maltese flag for previously unregistered players (requires opt-in), with inclusion in the FIDE Rating System and access to international titles for players, trainers and arbiters.

  • Receipt of records (in PGN) of games played local tournaments held by the MCF.

  • Occasional newsletters sent with interesting local info such as analysed games (opt-in required).

  • Receipt of information on various activities organized by the MCF via email (opt-in required).

  • Required to be eligible to represent Malta in official team and individual events of affiliated organisations.

  • Entitlement to borrow chess books from the MCF's library.

  • Use of MCF premises and its equipment (subject to conditions).

Membership Tier 2021/22 2023
Annual subscription (new & existing members):
Cadet/Youth U16 Members
Junior U20 Members
Adult Members
Lifetime membership:
One-time subscription
Readmission fee
€25 Adults
€20 U20
€40 Adults
€20 U20
In accordance with Article 40(e) of the MCF Statute, any member who previously resigned or forfeited their membership is required to pay a readmission fee equivalent to one year's subscription apart from the annual subscription fee.
FIDE registration (new players only) & player license under Maltese flag
Free for members
Free for members
FIDE fee for Re-registration under Maltese flag
Players ceasing to satisfy FIDE registration requirements for the Maltese flag (e.g., change in citizenship/residency, or forfeiture of membership) are subject to de-registration from the Maltese flag resulting in the revocation of their player license. Reactivation is subject to a re-registration fee (FIDE Handbook B.03 regulation 2.4).
By submitting this form you are requesting the MCF Council to admit you as a member of the MCF, or if already a member, to update your details in its records. Applications for membership shall not be considered unless accompanied by the subscription fee for at least one year’s membership and any required supplementary fees. This may be paid by bank or Revolut transfer to the MCF’s bank account, below. The current annual subscription runs from 1 December 2021 to 31 December 2022, and thereafter on a calendar year basis.
Bank Details
Bank of Valletta p.l.c.
Bank BIC
Account Number
MT28 VALL 2201 3000 0000 1481 2310 013
Beneficiary Name
Malta Chess Federation

The Council has the right to allow or refuse membership to any applicant and it shall not be bound to give any reasons for its decision. If a new membership application is turned down, the first subscription fee will be refunded.

Application to become a member of the Malta Chess Federation

Please fill out and submit the form below in order to apply to become a member of the Malta Chess Federation (MCF) or to update your information in our records.
Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. All links open in a new window.


    Contact details:*†

    Date of birth:*†

    For 2021-22: Cadet/Youth U16 = Born 2006 or later; Junior U20 = Born 2002 or later.
    For 2023: Cadet/Youth U16 = Born 2007 or later; Junior U20 = Born 2003 or later.

    Identification document number:

    Type of document: EU/EEA ID Card no.Passport no.

    Country of issue of ID/Passport:*†


    PDF of identification document:*

    Place of Residence:*

    Registration in the FIDE player database and rating system:*

    A player may only register with FIDE under the Maltese flag if he or she has Maltese citizenship (by birth or naturalization) or is resident in Malta. Proof of eligibility may be requested. A player who has dual citizenship must be registered with and only represent one Federation at any particular time. To register under another flag, contact the relevant federation directly. Ensure you are not already registered with FIDE - all players found with two different FINs will be penalised and all games under the later FIN not rated.

    Proof of residence (PDF), if different from identification document:†



    In order for the MCF to register you to FIDE, you need to consent to the relevant personal data, marked with a dagger (†), being collected by us and sent to FIDE, accept the FIDE Data Protection Policy, and acknowledge that by competing in a FIDE registered tournament you accept to adhere to the FIDE Code of Ethics.

    I consent and agree to such terms.*

    Should you register under another flag, kindly inform the MCF of your FIN.
    Most chess competitions require FIDE registration and license through an affiliated national chess federation. More information about registration and licensing, which are both free for qualifying MCF members, may be found in Chapter B.03 (2015) of the FIDE Handbook.

    Guardian's information:

    Guardian's name:

    Guardian's contact details:

    Date of birth*:

    EU/EEA ID Card no.Passport no.

    In order to become a member you are required to read and accept the MCF's Data Privacy Policy.*

    In order to become a member one needs to undertake to be bound by the MCF Statute and to abide by any bye-laws or regulations which the MCF may issue from time to time including the MCF Code of Ethics.*

    You may consent to photographs and video that feature you being taken during MCF tournaments and used for the purposes of promoting chess, MCF events and membership packages.

    You may consent to the use and processing of your personal data for purposes concerning direct marketing, to inform you about tournaments, events, products and services supplied by the MCF.