Malta Chess Federation

Starting Chess in Malta

This section tries to help anyone living in Malta that is willing to start playing chess in the local community. This covers both the people who are just learning the game, and any existing chess players who are not playing but are willing to become part of the chess community.

Please also refer to the related pages below which groups together the typical info needed by newcomers.

New to Chess

If you are new to the game, your first step is to find a way how to learn the game. For this and up to starting to play competitive chess, there is a different approach depending if you are a student.

The Student Path

If you are a student, you should start by checking if your school organises chess activity (Information on ongoing activity in schools is being compiled). Learning from school is ideal as you will also be able to practice the game with players of the same level and age-group. 

After the school experience, you pretty much can move to the typically steps of any other player. Next section “The Adult Learner” summarises this path. 

The Adult Learner

Our suggestion is to start getting information about the local chess scene namely by following this website and the Facebook group “Chess in Malta”. The ideal first tournament would be either an open event or the first phase of the Maltese championship – The Preliminaries. We have a specific section for preparing you for your first tournament.

Involving yourself in a chess club can also help! See Chess Clubs

If you want to take it more seriously, please refer to the section on Chess training in Malta.

Already a Chess Player!

If on the other hand you already know very well how to play chess, your path will be simpler. Most probably getting to know the local community is the most important first step. You can get information by following this website but especially the Facebook group “Chess in Malta”. If you are a social player, joining a chess club can help, so you should have a look at the Chess Clubs page

From there you should be able to join any upcoming tournament

If you want to take it more seriously, please refer to the section on Chess training in Malta.