Malta Chess Federation

Jack Mizzi wins Rapid and Blitz Grand Prix in style

May 30th 2021

Young Jack Mizzi won both the final Rapid and Blitz tournaments in May and confirmed first place in both Grand Prix. Mizzi took the lead from the very first tournament in January and never looked back. 

In the Blitz, Mizzi won 4 tournaments and third in one collecting 46 points out of a maximum of 50. In the Rapid, Mizzi won 3 tournaments and ended runner-up in the other two and also collected 46 points.

Robert Novak who took part in 3 of the 5 tournaments finished runner-up in both Rapid and Blitz events.

Conrad Thake ended 3rd – also in both events.

Now that we’re back to over-the-board chess, no further official events will be organised for the moment.

Results of May Rapid Event:

Results of May Blitz Event:

Overall Blitz Grand Prix Points

Overall Rapid Grand Prix Points