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ESNA Round 1 Game Analysis

November 29, 2021 by Robert Novak, game analysis by IM Imre Fancsy

  • Today, round 1 of the ESNA tournament was held. The games are being played at the Victoria Palace Hotel in Sliema. 
  • The biggest clash happened between Andorra and Faroe Islands and the decider game was on the second board where Høgni Egilstoft Nielsen managed to win with the white pieces. 2,5-1,5
  • The Maltese team played very well, but lost against Monaco with the minimum difference.
Bo. 3


Rtg 8


Rtg 1½:2½
3.1 CM
Darmanin, Jake
2106 GM
Bagheri, Amir
2350 0 – 1
3.2 CM
Pace, Colin
2141 GM
Efimov, Igor
2386 ½ – ½
Sammut Briffa, Peter
1937 WGM
Dornbusch, Tatiana
2239 ½ – ½
3.4 FM
Psaila, Clarence
Rapaire, Jean-Michel
1739 ½ – ½

Further results can be found here.

All round 1 games can be downloaded from here.

Today Malta will play with Cyprus at 9 AM and with Monaco at 3:30 PM.

A nice move happened in the Peter Kirby – Elvira Berend game: 32… f3! After Bxf3, Black played …Rdf8 and White could not avoid the f-file penetration anymore.

Below please find analysis of the game CM Jake Darmanin vs GM Amir Bagheri.

CM Darmanin, Jake 2106 – GM Bagheri, Amir 2350

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